The Woman in the Window


This was a lousy book in any case but for some or other reason it seems some women liked it.

BUT The best-selling author of The Woman in the Window has been exposed, but he’s just the newest con in the canon. A Literary Scammer.

You can read it here.


The evil Men do.


In “The Garden of Evening Mists”by  Tan Twang Eng , one of the main characters, Magnus Pretorius, was a veteran of the Anglo-Boer War . These are the less graphic and harrowing photographs.

Lord Kitchener was a war criminal.  He was never stripped of this title neither have I ever seen an apology of sorts.

If you can stomach it watch the photographs. This is no  longer taught in schools – but of course!


The Woman in the whatever

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At the moment I am a bit allergic to reviews especially on Goodreads. especially after the woman in the Window. Somebody gave a good review which I love  on Amazon and which I agree with. “One star, One word – cr*p”.
It seems to me every second book has the title The woman or the girl….. and then suddenly it becomes a psychological thriller. And I have not come across anyone that really deserves more than 2 stars. What have we become  – an uneducated reading nation of sorts? What happens if you give THE WOMAN ON THE WINDOW 5 stars and you get to read a really good book say like The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes? Will you recognise it Dear Person who gives the Woman….. 4 or 5 stars?
evolution 10
Anybody can Google DSM5 and get the definition of some psychological disorder and pass a book off as such a thriller. As for reality? Far, far  removed. I mean if you had so much to drink plus all those medication as The Woman…. the Window you would probably be dead. Or maybe DSM 5 did not tell the writer that you cannot mix alcohol and pills without a limit.
At least I am not the only one that thought the writer was a woman. It is a man. Hmf!
I am eager to start the new Julian Barned book, The Only Story.
The Only Story opens with a question: “Would you rather love the more, and suffer the more; or love the less and suffer the less?” In The Sense of an Ending, the circumscribed life of Tony Webster was in some ways a response to that question (“I had wanted life not to bother me too much, and succeeded – and how pitiful that was”). This time, Barnes’s narrator, Paul, chooses love, but ends up in the same bitter and regretful place. It’s interesting that Barnes should spend so much of his late career turning over the themes of his first novel, Metroland, published almost 40 years ago. That book allowed its protagonist, Christopher, to end up with some measure of comfort in the banality of a suburban marriage. Here, viewed from what Barnes calls “the other end of life”, there’s only the dull, intransitive rage of a terminally disappointed man.  https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/feb/04/the-only-story-review-julian-barnes

What Sagan said still applies



Me-Too snowflakes


It has become like a mass hysteria.And everybody is joining in especially the hypocrites that knew about it but never said a thing.Yes you Meryl Streep.
And of course the Golden (what is so Golden about it, it is all plastic?) Globes have become a platform for those who seek attention. Hollywood disgust me. After all they are only  mere actors desperately seeking attention.
One individual that took full advantage of appearing on stage was Oprah Winfrey. Most definitely and without doubt to further her own ambitions.

Does anyone remember all the pseudoscience and quackery she’s promoted?

Pseudoscience and quackery? Oh, yes. In the early years of this blog, Oprah was a frequent topic of Orac’s Insolence, and for good reason. She was one of the foremost promoters of pseudoscience, quackery, and general New Age BS in the world. If you think I’m exaggerating, just think of it this way. Oprah not only gave the world America’s quack, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and the foremost promoter of pseudoscience in mental health, Dr. Phil McGraw, who also stands accused of providing alcohol and drugs to addicts featured on his show in order to ramp up the drama factor. It would be bad enough if that were all she had done, but it’s not. https://respectfulinsolence.com/2018/01/09/oprah-winfrey-president-anyone-remember-pseudoscience-quackery-shes-promoted/

As I say, she is an ecumenical promoter of fantasies. Remember the satanic panic, the mass hysteria during the 1980s and early ’90s about satanists abusing and murdering children that resulted in the wrongful convictions of dozens of people who collectively spent hundreds of years incarcerated? Multiple Oprah episodes featured the celebrity “victims” who got that fantasy going. When a Christian questioner in her audience once described her as New Age, Winfrey was pissed. “I am not ‘New Age’ anything,” she said, “and I resent being called that. I don’t see spirits in the trees, and I don’t sit in the room with crystals.” Maybe not those two things specifically; she’s the respectable promoter of New Age belief and practice and nostrums, a member of the elite and friend to presidents, five of whom have appeared on her shows. New Age, Oprah-style, shares with American Christianities their special mixtures of superstition, selfishness, and a refusal to believe in the random. “Nothing about my life is lucky,” she has said. “Nothing. A lot of grace. A lot of blessings. A lot of divine order. But I don’t believe in luck.” https://slate.com/health-and-science/2018/01/oprah-winfrey-helped-create-our-irrational-pseudoscientific-american-fantasyland.html

But do yourself a favour and read the book by kitty Kelley.
If there was one untruth Oprah would have sued Kitty to hell and back!


Things we thought were facts


Marco Polo
In 1271, the Venetian merchant Marco Polo set off with his father and uncle on a legendary trek across Asia. Over the course of his 24-year journey, Polo would become one of the first Europeans to chronicle the cities, cultures and technology of the Far East. Discover 11 fascinating facts about the life of one of history’s greatest explorers.
 There is no real record of the explorer Marco Polo. 
  • Nowhere is he mentioned in Chinese writings and the Chinese were well known for documentation  and certainly they would have documented at least something about Marco Polo especially as he was claimed to be a mayor of some small province.
  • A Man called Marco Polo did live in Venice but that was not the Marco Polo we learned about.
  • What a disappointment!

In a book published in 1995, “Did Marco Polo Go to China?”, Frances Wood, the head of the Chinese section at the British Library, also argued that he probably did not make it beyond the Black Sea.

She pointed out that despite being an acute observer of daily life and rituals, there is no mention in Marco Polo’s chapters on China of the custom of binding women’s feet, chopsticks, tea drinking, or even the Great Wall.

“There’s nothing in the Venetian archives to say that the Polo family had direct contact with China at all,” Dr Wood told The Daily Telegraph. “Nothing from China has ever been found in the possessions they left behind.

“One theory is that Marco Polo copied a sort of guide book on China written by a Persian merchant. Only about 18 sentences in the entire manuscript are written in the first person – it is extremely rare for him to say ‘I saw this with my own eyes’.

“I believe that rather than being one person’s account, it’s a sort of medieval database of European knowledge of the Far East at the time.


you can also read all about MP in Wikipedia of course. That is if you never read his travels.

You can see


What a wonderful world …


The human eye, Darwin argued, could have evolved from a simple light-catching patch of tissue of the kind that animals such as flatworms grow today. Natural selection could have turned the patch into a cup that could detect the direction of the light. Then, some added feature would work with the cup to further improve vision, better adapting an organism to its surroundings, and so this intermediate precursor of an eye would be passed down to future generations. And, step-by-step, natural selection could drive this transformation to increased complexity because each intermediate form would provide an ad–vantage over what came before. https://www.quantamagazine.org/the-surprising-origins-of-lifes-complexity-20130716/


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