The Swans of 5th Avenue 


What a delicious book. About the women whose occupation was to acquire. Rich husbands, things of beauty, expensive designer clothes, art, jewelry, everything you could fathom in you wildest dreams. Not necessarily happiness though I assume. They belonged to an exclusive club which you can only join if you were either born into money or married great wealth. And so they took little Truman Capote as part of the clan, bestowing him with gifts and friendship and making him accepted in their higher echelons into which he was not born. The society of who is WHO. Names like Vanderbilt, Astor, Churchill…..Paley. Lots of trophy wives.

We all read Truman Capote, who has not read In Cold Blood that prize winning true novel, or seen the exquisite movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  But did we know the real Truman? Did anybody? And so Babe Paley – you can google her for as Truman said her only imperfection was that she was perfect, told Truman her guarded secrets. Would you have wanted Truman as a friend? No thank you. Would you tell Truman your secrets? Never. 

But that is all in hindsight of course. Then came the great betrayal. 

Melanie Benjamin is truly a most eloquent author. Five stars for this book? Yes, why not.

Limoncello in the making


Pictured: New Zealand’s powerful earthquake lifts the seabed by metres


http://dailym.ai/2fULuWv. Check the power of Mother Nature

Trees get old too


50 Years ago a bird dropped a Syringa tree seed onto a 3,5 billion year old granite rock. Eventually from a minute seedling an enormous tree grew and the roots broke the rock apart. Last night we heard a crash and discovered part of the tree disintegrated. I loved this tree and the wonderful shade it casts in summer. Hi nature, you have a plan? 

Charlie Fox


Charlie gets some skin irritation, but we dont know what causes it. The vet gave us a spray. So we decided to try it because his serf  , that is Bully , licks these patches when Charlie demands and then it becomes inflamed. Mr Fletcher had to hold Charlie while mommy could spray his stomach. Oh Dear what a drama queen performance followed. Charlie went to hide away and stopped talking to us for three days. I think he even tried to phone the rescue center where we got him from to complain about us. The most expensive food was bought special non allergic treats were made but the skin irritation comes and goes. The only thing that seemed to bring relief was the spray that nearly landed in the dustbin. So one morning at the edge of the garden I spoke to Charlie and said if he comes that I could put the muti = Spray on he will get a treat. It worked. Now when I mention muti and treat in the same sentence Charlie comes to me and problem is solved. Charlie outsmarted me. 

I want that hat


RIP Darling little Mignon


First attempt to take a photo with Apple not good photo at all and I would have deleted it was it not for the last photo of Mignon. She unexpectedly died of a stroke 3 months later. She was 14 . She so loved this garden and ran around all day long sometimes barking at lurking ghosts. Losing a fur kid is the sad part of having pets.

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