Unusual but so Beautiful


Isolated and inhospitable, this huge collection of razor-sharp vertical rocks looks like the last place where wildlife would thrive.

The colossal ‘Grand Tsingy’ landscape in western Madagascar is the world’s largest stone forest, where high spiked towers of eroded limestone tower over the greenery.

But despite its cold, dangerous appearance, the labyrinth of 300ft stones is home to a number of animal species, including 11 types of lemur…


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Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2126941/Life-edge-Inside-worlds-largest-STONE-forest-tropical-rain-eroded-rocks-300ft-razor-sharp-spikes.html#ixzz1rWuxcdGv

Something to love and cherish


Searched the garden high and low all morning for Easter eggs, thought Hasie may have done his bit. But no such luck – he was waiting at his plate (part of a very good set) for some treats.

Now in some ways our Hasie is very fortunate – he has a big garden to himself, is not confined to a cage, he can eat the flowers and dig up plants, – we spent a lot of time and effort to close off all exits so that he does not get into the street or the front garden where the dogs are. Very protected. But he arrived here as a youngster we presume from the river and not as a baby so even though he allows us to stroke and cuddle him and even brush him when he sheds his fur, we are NOT allowed to pick him up. He will kick you really very hard .

we have become very attached to hasie, love him to bits!

And now I understand because I read this

Tokyo (their apartments are simply too small to keep a pet) is full of cafes catering to a wide assortment of tastes, but in recent years a new breed of coffee house has emerged for people who love to hang out with rabbits.

Ra.a.g.f, pronounced “raf,” opened last fall in the fashionable Jiyugaoka area in Meguro Ward, and is usually packed at weekends with customers reveling in the company of the cafe’s 20 to 30 rabbits.

“I came here during my break to relax,” said a smiling woman in her late 20s as she fed fresh vegetables to some of the rabbits.

Customers who want to buy rabbits can purchase the animals from the cafe’s breeding center — but the cafe’s rabbit “staff” are not for sale.

Cafe manager Maria Fuwa cautioned that customers have to be able to provide suitable accommodations for the rabbits and also must promise never to abandon them.

In Fuwa’s view, a rabbit is for life.

You can even enter yours for the Olympic games.

But this one I suppose is simply too heavy – the biggest pet rabbit on record, eats 10 carrots a day (Hasie can manage one only).