Earth Day

When is that?

Should not every day be earth day?

I am quite despondent,  only few care

– driving home we saw all the office lights on

Nobody cares to switch off?

Many 4×4’s with one driver in gas guzzling vehicles because O! Please what would people think of you  if you  drove a small car? (I think you are an uneducated arsehole with nothing else to hang your image on and you are advertising it!)

Garbage unsorted on the side of the road – they simply could not be bothered.

Forests being chopped – for whatever

The thought of CO2 – what’s that?

Women buying bottled water enough to fill 3 baths

Throwaway society – Mommy likes new things for her empty life

Spoilt brats won’t inherit the earth; there will be no earth to inherit.

People are not educated because they do not want to be educated.



PS I think if I had to become very old I would become like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino – except I will not become very old I have my little cyanide pills – my kids won’t have to bother!