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The Stone Statues in Easter Island have bodies !

Google Doodle


I so LOVE these

Peter Carl Fabergé, the man whose name is synonymous with decorative eggs, is the subject of today’s Google Doodle.

The Russian jeweller is best known for his Fabergé eggs, which are adorned with gemstones and precious metals.

Today’s Doodle, in which the letters of the word “Google” are hidden within Fabergé eggs, honours what would have been his 166th birthday. Fabergé, also known as Karl Gustavovich Fabergé, was born in Saint Petersburg in 1846 and died on Sept. 24, 1920, after the Bolsheviks nationalized his company following the October Revolution and confiscated the stock. Fabergé fled with his family to Switzerland and died two years later

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Vesuvius spoke


to people just like us.

If you have been abducted by an alien..


what did he look like?

Methinks something like this



Perched on the edge of a leaf, this damselfly takes a moment to gather his thoughts.

The fly becomes beautifully animated in this humorous pose as he scratches his head and the concentration can be seen in its large round eyes.

Captured by Russian photographer, Leonid Lomako, 40, the light blue coloured damselfly is clearly perplexed, and its movements are excellently caught.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer



Summer in Bremen with many very happy memories

It’s all about the memories.



The Problem with Trolls….


One thing about WP which is really wonderful is that you can disallow comments and just delete them. That is if they are insulting and abusive. You trash them that is where it ought to be – in the trash bin.

Just some excerpts from an article here

Appearances, they say, can be deceptive. Kirsty Chapman (blonde, slim, pretty) is perhaps living proof of this.

To the outside world, she is a respectable housewife and mother of three. Most days she can be seen out and about in fashionable jeans wheeling a pushchair near her home in Wales.

Remember these details — in particular, the fact she has three children. They make what you are about to read all the more shocking.

For Miss Chapman’s photograph has become chillingly familiar on the internet. Often her Facebook photograph has appeared next to a pseudonym. One of these is ‘Percy’, whose activities have become notorious — targeting the bereaved with vile insults on Facebook tribute sites. It would be hard to imagine a more cruel or sadistic ‘hobby’.

Most revealing, perhaps, is the fact she lives with Darren Burton, who says he met her trolling and who is, by his own admission, a serial ‘troll’. His alter ego, or internet persona, is ‘Nimrod Severn’.

Among the memorial websites Burton has targeted are those of singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse and murdered student Anuj Bidve, gunned down in Salford, Greater Manchester, on Boxing Day.

‘Rot in p***’ is the message Burton left for those grieving Anuj’s death.

When Burton was once challenged online about the hurt and upset he was causing bereaved families, he replied: ‘F*** ’um.’

He has also singled out Madeleine McCann. His vile contribution, using his Nimrod alias, was left on a website specifically set up to mock the missing youngster and her parents, called ‘I Found Maddy . . . She Was Under The Bed All Along’

a-z Archive U Challenge




Underneath the arches
I dream my dreams away
Underneath the arches
On cobblestones I lay
Every night you’ll find me
Tired out and worn
Happy when the daylight
Comes creeping
Heralding the dawn



Solar Eclipse



Skywatchers from Mount Fuji to the Grand Canyon enjoyed a treat: the moon nearly blotting out the sun to create a dramatic ‘ring of fire’ over a narrow strip of eastern Asia and the western United States. The annular eclipse, in which the moon passes in front of the sun leaving only a golden ring around its edges, was visible in Asia early Monday. It then moved across the Pacific – and the international dateline – and was seen in parts of the western United States Sunday afternoon. In Japan, ‘eclipse tours’ were arranged at schools and parks, on pleasure boats and even private airplanes. Similar events were held in China and Taiwan as well, with skywatchers warned to protect their eyes. In the U.S., viewing parties were held at observatories in Reno, Nevada, and Oakland, California, and elsewhere. In some areas, special camera filters for taking photographs have been sold out for weeks in anticipation of the big event.

Is sugar addictive ‘poison’?


In February 2011, a team of researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, published a report in the journal Nature entitled “Public health: The toxic truth about sugar”. This dismissed the popular notion of sugar as “empty” calories. On the contrary, they were bad calories: “A little is not a problem, but a lot kills – slowly.”

We’ve known for years that refined sugar is also implicated in damaging the liver and kidneys and is the main cause of the worldwide spread of Type 2 diabetes.

“If these results were obtained in experiments with any illegal drug, they would certainly be used to justify the most severe form of retribution against those unfortunate enough to be caught in possession of such a dangerous substance,” writes Michael Gossop of the National Addiction Centre at King’s College, London.

But is sugar actually a drug? Gossop thinks so. As he puts it, if a casual visitor from another galaxy were to drop in on planet earth, he would assume that human beings were even heavier drug users than we already are.

Why? Because vast numbers of us ingest a white crystalline substance several times a day.

We become agitated if we run out of supplies, and produce lame excuses for why we need another dose. We say we rely on it for “energy”, but we’re deluding ourselves. The energy rush from sugar is followed by a corresponding crash: it’s physiologically useless. But it is strongly reminiscent of the ups and downs associated with, say, cocaine.

Evidence published by Princeton scientists in 2008 demonstrates that rats can get addicted to sugar in the same way that they get addicted to cocaine and amphetamines. In contrast, there’s no such damning data in the case of fat. You may have a deep love of Kentucky Fried Chicken and get fat as a result, but you’re less likely to eat it until you feel sick.

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