Interesting article in New Scientist – We’re all guilty of flawed thinking because our brains evolved to win others round to our point of view – whether or not our reasoning is logical

And it cites the following examples:-

HAVE you ever, against your better judgement, nurtured a belief in the paranormal? Or do you believe that gifted rock singers are more likely to die at the age of 27? Maybe you just have the sneaking suspicion that you are smarter, funnier and more attractive than the next person.

If you buy into any of these beliefs, you are probably suffering from confirmation bias – the mind’s tendency to pick and choose information to support our preconceptions, while ignoring a wealth of evidence to the contrary. Consider the idea that rock stars die at 27 – a fallacy that crops up time and again in the media. Once you have heard of the “27 club“, it is easy to cite a handful of examples that fit the bill – Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse – while forgetting the countless other musicians who survived their excesses past the age of 30.

So,  research points to the fact that we end up making decisions that look rational, rather than making genuinely rational decisions.

Now here is something to ponder about if you are an Obama fan you will hate this book but if you hate Obama you will love this book.

“Barack Obama went to Harvard and became an educated fool “ Bobby Rush.


I have to give a controversial example, I am not talking politics!