Nature vs Nurture – Again


We have  had this argument nature vs nurture for years now, but intersting the following clip from Foxnews. I have read many other similar cases so by the way. But   Nancy Segal is an expert in this field, or one of. Makes you think. I gave the transcript in case the clip takes too long to open.



It seems like something you — see in the movies but a new study a long term study finds the twins who had never even met since they were born.

Shares much in common as those raised together to joining us now is — expert and author of born together reared apart.

He landmark Minnesota twin study doctor Nancy Segal.

Got a single thanks so much for being here you already perfect guest for this segment because you were part of the team of psychologists and researchers at the university of Minnesota.

Who spent two decades studying.

A 137.

Sets of twins who were raised apart and there are some fascinating stories from the study.

That’s right Alison studying twins raised apart is — that’s natural experiment we have genetic and environmental influences are distant tangled.

And we can look at the differences between identical twins and see where the environment comes in to create these differences in genetically identical people.

Had been — story about the — twin sister these guys were separated at birth they were separated at birth and they did not meet until they were 39 years old they lived in different cities in Ohio.

Naturally it’s not just that — you think it really is gives — a wonderful science because they had so many traits in common both development migraine headaches at the same time in their lives.

They both had wood working proclivities.

They both liked it vacation the same three blocks to the beach in Florida.

They — their dog toy it dog’s — and one has to wonder what drives that perhaps the sound of the name or reminds — of something they.

But at any rate — identical twins raised apart gives us a whole domain.

For explanations.

For how we can understand these kind of things and applied at the general population level.

I added — temperature twins are also interesting to — fraternal twins are fascinating they’re very variable they are genetically the same as ordinary siblings.

But they’re born — same time and share the same — the uterine environment.

And they provide a wonderful control for the identical twins so we can see — identical to a more alike than fraternal — they are that tells us that genes do effect that behavior —

Everyone is fascinated by this topic as I am not having — trends myself should read.

— together reared apart by doctor Nancy Segal thanks so much for coming in to talk about it thank you so — having — Or FOX & Friends just.

Spider- Lizard



One has to wonder whether this lizard’s spider-senses are tingling. For the reptile bears more than a passing resemblance to the Marvel comic superhero Spiderman.

The lizard’s amazing red and blue markings are strikingly similar to the suit worn by the crime-fighting, web-weaving daredevil.

And – as the reptile was captured crawling around on his rock – he appeared to strike an identical pose to Spidey’s favoured crouching pose.

The lizard is a Mwanza Flat Headed Agama, which are native to Africa and usually live in groups with one dominant male – usually the most colourful.

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