Birds and Brilliant animals

We always think that animals are not as smart as we are. Maybe we have it all wrong. Because animals understand us but we have a hard time understanding animals so we assume that they are not as clever and they do not have deep emotions.. I watch Hasie (our rabbit) he is so aware of his environment, if you move the garden broom he knows and he checks. If you stroke him (which he absolutely loves)  he goes to roll in the sand belly up because he does not want to smell like a human. There is method in his ‘madness’. Survival!

The following photo is not mine and the story comes from a newspaper.


Any food lover will tell you it’s good to be open to different taste sensations, so who can blame these inquisitive birds for having a peck at a new dish.

However, when the delicacy is ferocious alligator and you are a thin-legged spoonbill it might be wise to let another diner take the first bite.

These incredible rare pictures capture the moment a flock of the beautiful pink-hued birds discovered the large reptile gliding through their watering hole.

The images of the Roseate breed spoonbills were taken at the Murrells Inlet in Huntington Beach State Park just metres from the home of American photographer Phil Lanoue.

According to Mr Lanoue the birds showed no fear as they cornered the alligator and began to tug at its tail.

The birds appeared to be intrigued by the stranger in the waters and followed the alligator around the marsh pond in South Carolina.

Mr Lanoue, 58, was watching the sunset when the incredible scene unfolded.

He said: ‘The spoonbills became completely fascinated with the alligator and in particular its tail.

‘They were absolutely obsessed. They seemed to be reacting to the alligator in the same way a cat would to a dangled piece of string.

‘Once they found the tail they were curious and they just wouldn’t leave it alone.

‘The alligator attempted to go about it’s business which was getting itself fed but it was clearly annoyed at the unwanted attention.’