I take snaps but I can appreciate good photography indeed. Just look at these!

They reveal that during a downpour, insects will do anything to get out of the way of giant (for them, anyway) raindrops – even occasionally using other insects as a makeshift umbrella.

Taken by Russian photographer, Vadim Trunov in the Voronezh region in the west of his country, they show a variety of insects dealing with a downpour.

The stunning closeup views also show the incredible beauty of raindrops on a leaf, captured next to an ant, and shoe butterflies sheltering while holding on to each other for safety.

Many of the images focus on snails, as part of a series Trunov calls ‘Planet of the snails’.

The images have already become a hit on the photo sharing site 500px, where they have been viewed over 240,000 times