Also known as

Guy Fawkes

I could give you some gory pictures of injuries too

It is beyond comprehension that people who are supposed to be civilized still shoot off crackers and have a firework displasy in their garden without any consideration of what it does to the animals. Why would people want to celebrate this? Because he failed or maybe because they wanted him not to fail?

I know each year there are  many pets that run away and get injured, people get injured, the birds are frightened out of their wits, yet we don’t care. Barbaric if you ask me. Surely this should only take place in a controlled environment? Not in a back yard?

This year *touch wood*  there was nothing of this  sort here.

When I left a comment on another blogger’s blog to the effect that fireworks and crackers do not impress me, she trashed my comment (a first for me to get trashed just  because I disagree) O Well, it takes all kinds.