How can you trust book reviews?


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You cannot believe everything you read. You have to check it out.
Fake book reviews are rife on the internet and readers should be aware of the “fraudulent” practices of some writers, a group of leading British authors warn

Their condemnation came after RJ Ellory the bestselling British crime writer, was exposed for using pseudonyms to pen fake glowing reviews about his “magnificent genius” online while simultaneously criticising his rivals.

.The author of A Quiet Belief in Angels and A Simple Act of Violence whose real name is Roger Jon Ellory, (not to be confused for James Ellroy) apologised for his “lapse of judgment”. Sic.

Even Patricia Cornwell has been implicated. Cornwell rounds up friends, employees, relatives, etc. with fervor to post favorable reviews. She came under attack for her very open requests for good reviews a few years ago, but didn’t stop the practice. Even that – shameless self-promotion done in the open – brought tons of ridicule upon her. I don’t see it very different from Ellory.; says one reader.

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But now Amazon is removing some of the suspect book reviews:-