Who does not adore maxine?


John Wagner, Hallmark artist since 1970, says Maxine was inspired by his mother, his maiden aunts and his grandmother, the woman who bought him art lessons when ‘fill in the pumpkins’ was about the extent of his art classes at St. John’s Catholic School in Leonia, N.J.

John remembers doodling as a pre-schooler and says both his grandmother and his mother encouraged his artistic interests. He eventually attended the Vesper George School of Art in Boston and landed at Hallmark as part of a new artists group. But it was the birth of the humorous Shoebox Greetings (a tiny little division of Hallmark) in 1986 that added a new dimension to John’s professional life. The Shoebox way of seeing the world unleashed his talents and he created Maxine.

Why the name ‘Maxine’? ‘People at Shoebox started referring to the character as ‘John Wagner’s old lady,’ and I knew that would get me into trouble with my wife,’ John says. The Shoebox team had a contest among themselves to name the character and three of the approximately 30 entries suggested ‘Maxine’. John says the name is perfect.

John, who says he’s humbled by such acceptance of Maxine, admits he’s proud of her.

Now you know the story of how Maxine came to be.

maxine 1

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Henny Penny the Sky is falling..


That is what it must have felt like when the Meteorite hit Russia?


russian meteorite

Watch the Asteroid’s near miss on this Doodle



It is animated so you have to wait for it to go into action!


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Do not miss out on this video.  It will provide you with yet another dimension of life – an enriching one   Just in case you have a few issues bothering you today !
It will make you Thankful for many things you have and as one of the judges said “Will make everything you worry about so pathetic”.
Enjoy this one !  It’s getting 10,000 hits a day.Take a few minutes to watch it.   It will make your day.

Mary Leaky’s 100th Birthday with a Google Doodle





As described by National Geographic Mary Leakey was born as Mary Douglas Nicol, and in the early era of the theory of physical human evolution.

She plays a critical role in human history, for bringing to life the story of human history. Her discovery of Homo habilis “handy man” in 1960 marks the first known expert stone tool makers.

Is this how Conspiracy theories start?


This was in my  Junk Mail comes from  Freedomnetwork whoever. whatever idiot  that may be..


Overwhelming evidence has surfaced to prove that Sandy Hooks is a hoax. For example, the recently released CNN helicopter footage that is supposed to show children escaping from the school is obviously set somewhere else. The “grieving” parents are surprisingly joyful during their interviews. The footage from the early hours of the incident shows a traffic pattern that makes it impossible for emergency vehicles to operate. There are many other points with various degrees of credibility, but anyone doing serious research should find plenty to disprove the “official” story. In spite of this, many people still manage to believe the TV version of the Sandy Hoax drama.  And then he goes on and on… and on, No facts just hysterics.

When it comes to conspiracy theories one has to investigate the motive – always!.

There are only three which cannot quite be disproved with facts.

The murder of JFK (and off the point but so by the way Onassis believed that Jackie O carried the curse of the Kennedy’s along)

Marilyn Monroe’s death

And of course the death of Princess Diana.


I have read all the books on Conspiracy theories you see! Just because!

Smoke Break on a Monday morning


PS No I do not smoke.. but I may have some coffee.

smoke break

Another one – just in case…


The abridged version of Les Miserables! 1687 pages!



Focus on the Family has out done itself by hitting all the key elements from the original story and by bring the story to life.



Read the book


Sorry but I really do not understand why Amazon would want to sell me Anna Karenina for $2.99 when it is free / gratis on Gutenberg.

You can download it here (– for free )

It is the PDF version but if you need it for your e-reader you can format it with Calibre

For a Kindle it would be .mobi