The Great Gatsby eBook is Free – Don’t Waste Money Buying It!

Published May 12, 2013

the great gatsby

It irritates me to no end when I see big companies trying to capitalize off of a book being turned into a movie so they can rake in every little cent that they can squeeze out of consumers.

Unfortunately that is the case with The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Ever since it has been turned into a movie, ebookstores everywhere are trying to make as much money as possible off of what is a public domain ebook that is freely available (in most countries except the U.S.) to anyone who knows where to get it.

At Amazon, The Great Gatsby is currently the #1 bestseller in the Kindle store. That shows just how popular the ebook is right now. Amazon is charging $4.99, which isn’t half as bad as B&N who is selling it for a ridiculous $10.93. Sony has it for $9.62 and Kobo has it for $7.99. In my opinion that is way too much to pay for an ebook, much less one that was published in 1925 and is now in the public domain.

None of those ebookstores want you to know that you can simply go to and download The Great Gatsby for free in ePub, Mobi (for Kindle), and PDF formats. What I like about Feedbooks is their ebooks are nicely formatted, so there’s no reason to go spend $5-$10 elsewhere.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that everyone is trying to cash in on the success of the movie, but I still don’t like it. The same thing happened to George Martin’s A Game of Thrones, which used to sell for $6.99 in ebook form until HBO started airing the Game of Thrones TV series. Then it shot up to $9.99 and has remained there ever since.

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