The National Zoo’s Panda Cub is Doing Just Fine


The National Zoo's Panda Cub is Doing Just Fine

SWEET – The National Zoo’s Panda Cub is Doing Just Fine

How evil can a person be?



A friend and I have a mutual acquaintance – this man is involved in business with our company.

My friend was (past tense) friends with his wife so she knows them pretty well.

She sent me a newspaper clipping yesterday which upset me greatly, This elderly man is  also a farmer. He shot and killed his neighbor cat in the neighbor’s yard.

The neighbor took him to court but he was not found guilty as the neighbor did not see it happen. But this man now boasts that he shot and killed the cat and got away with it.

You see double jeopardy applies in S A.

I wish I could place the clipping up but I am not supposed to give names and photos?

I wish there was a hell and that he would rot there.