In South Africa


A man held his wife and 5 children prisoner in their house for umpteen years. He abused them beat them burnt them with a blow torch and what else we can only imagine. After he threatened the boy of 11 with death the child escaped and ran to the neighbours. The neighbours said they never knew but phoned the father who came to fetch the boy but luckily also informed the police.

A 5 star horror story.

The papers say they are not allowed to publish his name but his name and photo had already appeared in one of the papers  (now removed) so I am passing his name  on. Herman Engelbrecht of Springs. He looks like low life with a bikers outfit on. Did he belong to a motorbike club?

Name and shame him and let the prison inmates deal with him. They will do a better job than the courts.

What would you have done if you were the wife?

I really believe I would have taken an axe / knife  and chopped him to pieces when he was asleep. Surely het must have slept some times?

I am so horrified that I have murder in my heart.