I Forgot to remember A Book by Su Meck.

In 1988 a ceiling  fan  fell onto Su’s head and she had total amnesia following the incident. Not only did she not know who she was, she did not recognize her family, her husband, her children, her sibling,s her parents.

Furthermore she was unable to form new memories for a very long time. Given a hairbrush she did not know what to do with it, she had a limited vocabulary and she had to learn almost everything from scratch.

To this day she cannot remember anything from her life prior to 1988 and after that in patches. Yet she recovered well enough to be able to write a book and relate her story.


What I found quite astonishing was the inability of the medical profession to grasp her condition, some even put it down to malingering. But we are no longer the raft on the ocean , we have actually come far. Not that we ever would know more than say 50% ? of the human brain – my estimate.

But had it happened today it would have been a different story.

One of the best free resources for learning about the brain on the internet is the Charlie Rose Brain Series available on streaming video through CharlieRose.com. For two years (2012)  Charlie had been sitting down with Nobel Prize-winning psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Eric Kandel as they have explored pioneering discoveries of neuroscience. In each episode Charlie and Dr. Kandel sit down with a roundtable of leading brain scientists and researchers to explore an aspect of neuroscience. If you are interested in neuroscience this is not something to be missed. I suggest you Google this if you are interested.