You can fill your own pods!

Best marketing I have seen are these Nespresso Coffee makers. Not only do you buy the machine, you buy the pods and have a very expensive espresso. Nestle can give the machine away for free cone to think of it  because they make so much out of the pods. Of course other companies followed suit.

But although they collect the pods from you for recycling, do they? Can they prove it to you? Because

  John Sylvan created the Keurig instant coffee system in the early 1990s and sold his share of the company in 1997 for $50,000

  Now, one in three homes in America is thought to have an at-home coffee brewing system 

  According to Mr Sylvan, Keurig’s own-brand K-Cup pods cannot be recycled because they are made from such a unique blend of plastics

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So take the pod if you have this gadget, remove the foil top, fill with your favourite brand (some Italian brands are really very nice) and replace the foil with a strong foil. Hey presto! Much nicer and cheaper and you don’t fill up landfills.

We have a Saeco that we bought as a demonstration model. Love my coffee! And it makes 2 cups not one.

coffee art2