How to shower with little water.




Cape Town is very low on water and water restrictions are severe. So if you live there or visit this is how you shower. You don’t have to be part of the problem you know.


Daddy LongLegs – did you know?



Ark will love this I am sure!

They’re not spiders

They’re not venomous

They are at least 4 hundred million years old so have respect

They also have other names

you find them all over the world

In many different varieties

Sometimes they hang out in big clumps

They live for a long time

and their legs do not grow back!

The rest about them you can read right here –





Three Cheers for the University of Google


Now any wannabe psychologist can do a profile on somebody they hate.

And grateful thanks to the internet so we can all join in to cyber bullying.After all our information comes from the media does it not? And you can always trust the media, can’t you? (so btw here is a nice example of how bullying works – https://www.ted.com/talks/monica_lewinsky_the_price_of_shame)  Do watch it!

Journalists may be eloquent as far as use of language is concerned but they are often weak on facts. FACTS COUNT OPINIONS DON’T!



Remember Meryl What comes round….


Meryl Streep’s attack on Donald Trump at the Golden Globes for appearing to imitate a disabled reporter has been dismissed as hypocrisy by Margaret Thatcher’s official biographer.

British journalist Charles Moore, who has so far published two volumes of Thatcher’s biography, pointed out that the Democrat-supporting Streep “did very well out of imitating a vulnerable person in public” when she won an Oscar for playing Thatcher as a dementia sufferer in The Iron Lady, the 2011 biopic of the Conservative British prime minister.

Because Streep portrayed Thatcher, who was still alive when the film was released, in this way without consulting the politician’s family, Moore said Streep should “be careful when she speaks about disrespect for the afflicted” – the charge Streep laid at Trump’s door in her acceptance speech at the Globes.




The Golden Globes is a farce






A show off – your naked body ‘covered’ (why bother so by the way?) scantily  by see-through expensive cloth.Or your armpit hair. Show off your wealth, your success (often as a result not of your acting but who you sleep with). Contribute richly  to immorality and show it is OK, in fact it is fine.

One actress said violence breeds violence referring to something or was it somebody else? But that is it exactly. That is Hollywood! Where  can you make the most violent films and win a prize?  And of course very important  introduce a new way of speaking , if you blank out f*ck, you are left without any talking movies.It is just one long bleep.

But what grates me the most is that it has now become a political platform.Where was Miss- Holier- than- thou (remember she is only an actress nothing more) when Maggie Thatcher’s family requested that she does not portray Maggie at the end of her life out of respect. No ways, to be ignored. So really she can be added to the list of those who do not respect others. A Five star hypocrite! But neither do I now have any respect for her.She is a fraud. Like many  (most) of the Hollywood actors and actresses.

No I did not watch it but BBC rushed to tell me what who said.

Can you trust reviews on Goodreads?


Like compliments – not easily. There is often a hidden agenda. the housewife (sorry home maker) who reads for the book club and starts with “I”.  “I really loved this book and could not put it down“… you know. You learn in school very early on (if you had a good teacher I suppose), never to write anything starting with with “I”. Like bad manners. Or the review is written by somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody  who (vaguely)  knows the author, or the person got a free book and thinks if she writes a good review another one may follow. It has also been documented that authors write bad reviews under a pseudonym because they are jealous.  Or spiteful.

Go for the (all if possible) reviews if you want to know what other people think, written by reputable newspapers or magazines. I have just read The Widower’s Wife and had to give it ONE star, the option of no stars is not available.

Talking about compliments. I have a sort of friend from way back and she loves to send me selfies as I never check Facebook. Now methinks she is the wrong side of 75 and she loves these photos of her at the beach with a two piece and her wig. So I had to go and check on FB and there it was with comments like “darling you look fabulous” . I kid you not. I thought after the age of 60 one covers up skin not to offend. You can be sure the friends are laughing out loud. But why give such a false compliment if it only reinforces her idiotic behavior? Motive? I am at a loss.It goes to why do we pay compliments if we are not sincere.


This is Mimose Pudica or as it is also called Do-not-Touch-me or Sensitive plant. Mimosa pudica is a creeping annual or perennial herb of the pea family Fabaceae often grown for its curiosity value: the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, defending themselves from harm, and re-open a few minutes later. In Afrikaans it has become an idiom for people who take offense easily. So there you go. A happy 2017 to you!