Like compliments – not easily. There is often a hidden agenda. the housewife (sorry home maker) who reads for the book club and starts with “I”.  “I really loved this book and could not put it down“… you know. You learn in school very early on (if you had a good teacher I suppose), never to write anything starting with with “I”. Like bad manners. Or the review is written by somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody  who (vaguely)  knows the author, or the person got a free book and thinks if she writes a good review another one may follow. It has also been documented that authors write bad reviews under a pseudonym because they are jealous.  Or spiteful.

Go for the (all if possible) reviews if you want to know what other people think, written by reputable newspapers or magazines. I have just read The Widower’s Wife and had to give it ONE star, the option of no stars is not available.

Talking about compliments. I have a sort of friend from way back and she loves to send me selfies as I never check Facebook. Now methinks she is the wrong side of 75 and she loves these photos of her at the beach with a two piece and her wig. So I had to go and check on FB and there it was with comments like “darling you look fabulous” . I kid you not. I thought after the age of 60 one covers up skin not to offend. You can be sure the friends are laughing out loud. But why give such a false compliment if it only reinforces her idiotic behavior? Motive? I am at a loss.It goes to why do we pay compliments if we are not sincere.


This is Mimose Pudica or as it is also called Do-not-Touch-me or Sensitive plant. Mimosa pudica is a creeping annual or perennial herb of the pea family Fabaceae often grown for its curiosity value: the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, defending themselves from harm, and re-open a few minutes later. In Afrikaans it has become an idiom for people who take offense easily. So there you go. A happy 2017 to you!