A show off – your naked body ‘covered’ (why bother so by the way?) scantily  by see-through expensive cloth.Or your armpit hair. Show off your wealth, your success (often as a result not of your acting but who you sleep with). Contribute richly  to immorality and show it is OK, in fact it is fine.

One actress said violence breeds violence referring to something or was it somebody else? But that is it exactly. That is Hollywood! Where  can you make the most violent films and win a prize?  And of course very important  introduce a new way of speaking , if you blank out f*ck, you are left without any talking movies.It is just one long bleep.

But what grates me the most is that it has now become a political platform.Where was Miss- Holier- than- thou (remember she is only an actress nothing more) when Maggie Thatcher’s family requested that she does not portray Maggie at the end of her life out of respect. No ways, to be ignored. So really she can be added to the list of those who do not respect others. A Five star hypocrite! But neither do I now have any respect for her.She is a fraud. Like many  (most) of the Hollywood actors and actresses.

No I did not watch it but BBC rushed to tell me what who said.