At the moment I am a bit allergic to reviews especially on Goodreads. especially after the woman in the Window. Somebody gave a good review which I love  on Amazon and which I agree with. “One star, One word – cr*p”.
It seems to me every second book has the title The woman or the girl….. and then suddenly it becomes a psychological thriller. And I have not come across anyone that really deserves more than 2 stars. What have we become  – an uneducated reading nation of sorts? What happens if you give THE WOMAN ON THE WINDOW 5 stars and you get to read a really good book say like The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes? Will you recognise it Dear Person who gives the Woman….. 4 or 5 stars?
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Anybody can Google DSM5 and get the definition of some psychological disorder and pass a book off as such a thriller. As for reality? Far, far  removed. I mean if you had so much to drink plus all those medication as The Woman…. the Window you would probably be dead. Or maybe DSM 5 did not tell the writer that you cannot mix alcohol and pills without a limit.
At least I am not the only one that thought the writer was a woman. It is a man. Hmf!
I am eager to start the new Julian Barned book, The Only Story.
The Only Story opens with a question: “Would you rather love the more, and suffer the more; or love the less and suffer the less?” In The Sense of an Ending, the circumscribed life of Tony Webster was in some ways a response to that question (“I had wanted life not to bother me too much, and succeeded – and how pitiful that was”). This time, Barnes’s narrator, Paul, chooses love, but ends up in the same bitter and regretful place. It’s interesting that Barnes should spend so much of his late career turning over the themes of his first novel, Metroland, published almost 40 years ago. That book allowed its protagonist, Christopher, to end up with some measure of comfort in the banality of a suburban marriage. Here, viewed from what Barnes calls “the other end of life”, there’s only the dull, intransitive rage of a terminally disappointed man.