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Gossip is like Poison


A woman was gossiping with a friend about a man she hardly knew— I know none of you have ever done this—that night she had a dream. A great hand appeared over her and pointed down at her. She was immediately seized with an overwhelming sense of guilt. The next day she went to confession. 

She got the old parish priest, Father O’Rourke, and she told him the whole thing. “Is gossiping a sin?” she asked the old man. “Was that the hand of God Almighty pointing a finger at me? Should I be asking your absolution? Father, tell me, have I done something wrong?”

“Yes!” Father O’Rourke answered her. “Yes, you ignorant, badly brought-up female! You have borne false witness against your neighbor, you have played fast and loose with his reputation, and you should be heartily ashamed!”

So the woman said she was sorry and asked for forgiveness. “Not so fast!” says O’Rourke. “I want you to go home, take a pillow up on your roof, cut it open with a knife, and return here to me!”

So the woman went home, took a pillow off her bed, a knife from the drawer, went up the fire escape to the roof, and stabbed the pillow. Then she went back to the old parish priest as instructed. “Did you gut the pillow with the knife?” he says.”Yes, Father.” “And what was the result?” “Feathers,” she said. A world of feathers.

“Feathers?” he repeated. “Feathers everywhere, Father!”

“Now I want you to go back and gather up every last feather that flew out on the wind!”

“Well,” she said, “it can’t be done. I don’t know where they went. The wind took them all over.”

”And that,” said Father O’Rourke,“is gossip!”

Father Brendan Flynn, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman In the movie ‘Doubt’

The (un)truth be told :(


Sorry I have to be very, very careful what I say on my blog for everything gets a twist and a tail.

And thereby hangs a tale!


Don’t forget the free download  link of the Great Gatsby on my previous blog

tails and tale_n

Some Lunch? Daily Post Photo Challenge


Thai spicy fish Soup


• 6 cups good-tasting chicken stock
• 12 medium raw shrimp, shells removed
• Other seafood of your choice: fresh mussels, scallops, crab, or sliced fish fillet (up to 1 handful of each)
• 1 stalk minced lemongrass*, OR 2.5 to 3 Tbsp. frozen or bottled prepared lemongrass (or see substitutions list)
• 2 kaffir lime leaves* or Substitute with lime zest
• 4 cloves garlic, minced
• 1 tsp. galangal OR ginger, grated
• 1-2 sliced red chilies OR 1-2 tsp. Thai chili sauce*
• optional: handful of fresh mushrooms, sliced thinly
• 1 medium tomato, cut into thin strips
• other optional vegetables: handful baby bok choy
• 1/2 can (14 ounce) thick coconut milk (not ‘lite’)
• 2 Tbsp fish sauce)
• 1 Tbsp. soy sauce
• juice of 1 lime
• 1 tsp. sugar
• 1/4 cup fresh coriander (cilantro), roughly chopped
1. Pour stock plus lemongrass and lime leaves in a deep soup pot over medium-high heat. If using fresh lemongrass, also add the upper stalk pieces for extra flavor. Bring to a boil.
2. Add garlic, galangal/ginger, chili, and mushrooms (if using). Reduce heat to medium and simmer 2-3 minutes, or until mushrooms are soft.
3. Add the shrimp, any other seafood you’re using, and tomato plus baby bok choy (if using). Simmer over medium heat 3-4 minutes, or until shrimp turns pink and plump and mussels have opened. Scallops, crab, and fish should all be firm to the touch and no longer translucent.
4. Reduce heat to medium-low and add the coconut milk, fish sauce, soy sauce, lime juice, and sugar. Stir well to combine and gently simmer until hot (do not boil at this point). Taste-test the soup for salt and spice, adding more fish sauce instead of salt (I usually add 1 more Tbsp.), or more chili as desired. If too sour, add more sugar. If too spicy for your taste or if you’d like it creamier, add more coconut milk. If too salty, add another squeeze of lime juice.
5. Serve in bowls with fresh coriander sprinkled over. For an extra hit of flavor, you can also add some Thai chili sauce, either store-bought or the homemade version: Nam Prik Pao Chili Sauce Recipe. ENJOY!

Pray tell, do you judge a book by its cover?



Book cover is the first thing you notice if you are into first impressions and who is not?

And I am afraid I do judge a book by its cover, very much so. Let me give you a few random examples:-


This must be a chick book– and I will not even consider opening it.


This is obviously some murder mystery? Well now I will look to see if I can learn more about the author and maybe there is a summary of the plot.


Another mystery? But here I know something of the author ….so yes I am biased and I will probably buy the book.


Quite a smart cover and I will be interested.


Forget it!

North river1_

A very good author , very good novel and a very good cover. I am overdoing good here


But mostly I enjoy non-fiction, history and biographies etc. and then the cover usually does not make so much difference. It usually is professionally done.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry






Hasie (our rabbit) is an excellent geometrist; he made his own entrance / exit into the tool shed so that only he can fit through. You have to admire his geometry skills.

P S The photo’s  from my cell phone are never brilliant.

DailyPost Photo Challenge- Foreign



Sail the land?

Not really, taken in Denmark from an angle so that it only looks like….


Daily Post : Near and Far




Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post – Silence



Can you hear the silence?

Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement



Daily Post wants MOVEMENT.

If it is your turn to move and you do it,  that’s movement – right?

And that is how some move on a Sunday Afternoon in Aix-les-Bains

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