Deeply disappointing movie –  My Week with Marilyn.

Was Clark on oath with all the details? And could it actually have been his closet gay streak – not mentioned in this film – which Marilyn sensed more shrewdly than Colin himself, and which made her feel safe around him? Maybe. Either way, it is a beguiling adventure. Poor Colin, out of his league and out of his depth.  Here

And Michelle Williams does not even resemble Marilyn When I saw her interview on Charlie Rose – I should have known what to expect.  This is a video I will chuck in a box never to be watched again.

PS But you know there are people who love the emperor’s clothes and you can write a book about those that are long gone and nobody can step in to correct the facts.

There were vultures that used Marilyn exclusively for  their own advantage while she was alive and it seems they still do.

The one and only..