Here we call it autumn


But it is actually fall.

Because although the nicest season of the year, it is a bit messy when the leaves start to fall and the grass is looking bleak. But the days are wonderful and sunny and Charlie Fox  is not yet ready for a coat. Not that I know if the coat will last. (Bully prefers the comfort of a chair.) And so on the doorstep of winter the color from the garden has gone and the changes to the trees are subtle. Nothing spectacular (yet). We are slowly getting ready.

Bully xxx


fall 4

fall 5

fall 2

fall 1

Bring your dog into the picture!


Dog owner Rafael Mantesso creates awesome illustrations featuring his Bull Terrier.
Hilarity ensues.


BT 2







The difference between Dogs and Wolves …



….  is the 30 000 years that we have lived with our buddies and that has changed their DNA to like us, to see humans as friends whereas  Wolves don’t trust humans (I am a wolf).

Scientific American concluded that wolves treated each of the situations ( in the research study  )  as physical problems rather than social ones. ‘Only rarely did they ever attempt to engage in a communicative problem-solving interaction with a human.

‘It’s just that even after being raised by humans, wolves simply do not see humans as potential social partners.

One of my best friends

Does not want to be my friend. not really.