Was not mine but boy am I glad somebody made it.

(Check View from the Side’s Challlenge.)

I am talking about getting a Kindle.


Loved reading all my life and as a child went to the library and read almost all the books. Even in class, especially in class. Stopped reading novels when I went to varsity because my social life was too important. Took it up when I started to work.

But of late I found that I am an impulsive  book buyer and a lot of the books I did not finish simply because they were not that good. And if you have an obsession like I have, leaving one book for the next before completing  the first one is quite difficult.  It took me 3 months to get through Dan Brown ‘s daVinci Codewishing I never bought the stupid book.

So I read little. And I missed a lot. Never considering a kindle –  a Kindle if you are in love with books?

Then in August 2010 this box arrived with one Kindle .


My reading habits have changed , I used to read mostly non-fiction now I love fiction  too. I can pick and choose and I get to read whatever takes my fancy . You can get the first chapter on appro and then you know.

And I am saving forests! I don’t have to dust . I am green. And happy!  Visitors may borrow my books and never return them,  I don’t mind.


Just one of the book shelves in the house. I can have 3500 books on my kindle. More than I can read in a lifetime for sure. I am slowly boxing  up the paperbacks because the SPCA shop can sell it for proceeds.

Textbooks? No I am not ready for that one yet.



http://sarchasm2.wordpress.com/ will tell you where you can find ‘my’ books.