What happened to the so-called Peking Man’s fossils? Did they disappear into thin air? As World War II broke out in the Pacific, the fossils were last seen being loaded in two crates onto trucks by US Marines, destined for safekeeping in the United States.  There were probably 40 all in all. These fossils were  initially discovered during the 1930’s at the Zhoukoudian fossil bearing deposit and represent the largest and best sample of Homo erectus.

They are old, very,  very old  between 750,000 to approximately 250,000 years in age.

Maybe the mystery can be cleared up now though and I quote from the National Geographic Article  – In 2010 Lee Berger received an email from a Mr. Paul Bowen, the son of a former US marine, Richard M. Bowen, whom had been stationed in both Tiensten and Chinwangtao (today known as Qinhaungdao),

 “My father was a Marine in China after WWII and he thinks he discovered bones of the missing Peking Man at a Marine base in China in 1947. He knows where these are buried there having dug them up and reburied them while under siege in Chinwangtao. I showed him the site from Google earth and it appears untouched. They may still be there buried in the boxes. Is this anything you would be interested in? If not do you have any idea who may be? My father is in his 80s now. He created a map and write up. I have tried writing to a few Chinese universities but have never heard back. Can you point me to anyone who would be interested? The reason he remembers this so well is the night he dug this box up, he was digging a new fox hole for his machine gun and his group of 40 Marines was surrounded by 250,000 members of the Communist 8th Route Army who had asked the to surrender that day. I have his map and military records proving he was there.

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Is this where they are?

Quite a good plot for some author but big please not Dan Brown, I am not a fan.