Story challenge – G for Giant Python


Story Challenge – G


Why you should not acquire exotic pets

A monstrous Burmese python measuring 17 feet, 7 inches and carrying a record-breaking 87 eggs has been captured in Florida.

Weighing in at a colossal 164.5 pounds, the giant female is the largest snake of its kind found in the state and serves as further evidence of how the foreign predator is threatening local wildlife, say researchers.

‘This thing is monstrous, it’s about a foot wide,’ said Kenneth Krysko, from the Florida Museum of Natural History. ‘It means these snakes are surviving a long time in the wild, there’s nothing stopping them and the native wildlife are in trouble.’

Scientists tracked the snake’s movements to learn about how the species are invading the area – using the bugged reptile to locate other snakes as they congregated for mating.

Burmese pythons, native to southern Asia, arrived in the U.S. three decades ago as part of the exotic pet industry. Although the species are not poisonous they are powerful enough to kill humans by suffocating them.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Growth.


Weekly Photo Challenge .


How can you not grow to love these? Big Time

Story Challenge – E



A-Z Archive – E Story


Evidence discovered by the palaeo-anthropology department at Wits University in South Africa show ‘without a doub’t that people in an area called Border Cave were using digging sticks weighted with perforated stones around 44,000 years ago.

The findings were published online in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Doctor Lucinda Backwell, senior researcher in in South Africa, said: ‘The dating and analysis of archaeological material discovered at Border Cave in South Africa has allowed us to demonstrate that many elements of material culture that characterise the lifestyle of San hunter-gatherers were part of the culture and technology of the inhabitants of this site 44,000 years ago.’

Located in the foothills of the Lebombo Mountains in KwaZulu-Natal, the site has yielded exceptionally well-preserved organic material.



This is a statue of Cro Magnon (in France). If ever you have the chance go and visit the caves to go and see his magnificent paintings.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple


Purple is where Puff the Magic Dragon and the (one and only )  Purple People Eater live!

But when you leave Story land and take off your psychedelic glasses, this is what it looks like in day time.



Nan Hau is a Buddhist Temple approximately 60 km out of Johannesburg. Beautiful and colorful and each color has a meaning.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside




Fly me to the moon with NASA

This is what it looks inside the capsule.


Jakesprinters sunday-post-solid


Something solid?

Well rocks are pretty solid relatively speaking. These rocks in our garden are 3,5 billion years, some of the oldest rocks in the world. You will find some in Russia too, the old continents. I used to plant flowers round them but my husband being a geologist thinks I should plant flowers somewhere else and show mor e respect for these ancients. I draw the line at chopping down the tree that gives such wonderful shade during summer.






Dreaming of a Grand Entrance


Dreaming of a Grand Entrance

This overlaps 2 challenges and I hope you do not mind.


A Grand Entgrance


Picture this (but go back in history and disregard any  modern spectators).

You have been invited to a very grand ball given by the king and queen of France.

You have this magnificent dress and your wig is powdered. A coach and a handsome chaperone is waiting for you. You are going to be the beautiful  belle of the bail that’s for sure.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Create


There are so many artistic and creative bloggers here, I almost hate to ‘compete’!

We are in the middle of winter so I have te create my memory of what it looks like in my garden in summer.

But let me tell you Hasie (our rabbit ) is creative too. He has created holes in the gate to the tool shed, (even though the fence was put up in haste to keep him in if ever there were danger like dogs).

The Artist!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Close



But there is space for one more.




The Mystery of the leaning Tower of Pisa has now finally been unveiled – Xtra power.

Now you know.


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