Can you spot the rabbit?


Spot the rabbit

Not a good photo I know…. taken from far with a cellphone.

I don’t find rabbits, they find me! Now if I believed in dark psychic energy I could spin you a story of the supernatural here. But I don’t. I believe in coincidence.

This little one has come to live in the bottom of the retaining wall. I take him a carrot 2x per day plus a bowl of pellets but of course there are grass and twigs to eat too. I am this time round not trying to tame him, although I would love to cuddle him. But he is safe where he is. He knows me by now but I am not trying to touch him. I want him to know some 2 legged beings are nasty and he should avoid.




Hasie Houdini


Hasie Houdini

In August last year we discover a rabbit near the garages. I first thought it was somebody’s pet and when I phoned the vet next day the receptionist who knows me well said “O! no, you don’t. The area is inundated with rabbits, as it is – take him back to the river.” Which of course I could not do. So Hasie became part of the family, he has the one side of the property all to himself, about quarter of an acre, plus the garages.

Of course Hasie is an escape artist par excellence, he can chew and dig his way out. All the gates (4 in all) had to be closed at the bottom with fine chicken wire so that he stays put and out of somebody’s pot. The few times that he ventured outside when he was new , he did come back and waited at the motor gate, you see the food here is very good. The good life!

He is a real man, does not like to be picked up and carried (I have scars to prove that one) and not too many kisses. He likes to be stroked and does a special dance to please. He was the cause of one burglary when he went over to the other side where the dogs are and I had to lock the dogs in for the night and not switch on the alarm…. The cost will probably be deducted from his errr …… salary.

But he still is a great love of my life. But don’t tell the kids and the dogs he is my favourite!