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On the news this morning – another school shooting. Guns don’t kill, people do.

There are now many cases documented where children go on killing sprees, Maybe you will still remember  Eric Harris and  Dylan Klebold who killed 12 pupils and one teacher.  Both were to some extent problem children and were taken to psychologists and psychiatrists,  yet  neither society nor parents would ever grasp what these 2 were planning.

Their parents will of course never live a normal life again. And they are the ones that are then punished by being ostracised and even sued by society. Susan Harris in an essay to Oprah confessed – I did not have an  inkling. And I believe her.





But what can a parent do? You cannot lock children up because you suspect they may be violent killers. And what parent would want to believe so anyway?

Dis you see the movie or read the book We need to talk About Kevin?  Here the mother felt she was guilty – maybe she simply did not love Kevin enough and needs to be punished for his deed.

An even more interesting book is Defending Jacob written by William Landy.  Jacob’s grandfather and great grandfather were both murderers Did he inherit the gene?

And I quote something very interesting from the book

There are two specific gene variants that have been linked to male antisocial behavior, which might help account for multigenerational patterns of violence in families ….

The first is an allele of a gene called MAOA. The MAOA gene controls an enzyme that metabolizes certain neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. It’s been called ‘the warrior gene’ because of its association with aggressive behavior. The mutation is called MAOA Knockout. It has been argued in court as a trigger for violence before, but the argument was too simplistic and it was rejected. Our understanding of the gene-environment interplay has improved since then—the science is getting better and very quickly—and we may have better testimony now.

“The second mutation is located in what’s called the serotonin transporter gene.

The official name for the gene is SLC6A4. It’s located on chromosome 17. It encodes a protein that facilitates the activity of the serotonin transporter system, which is what enables the re-uptake of serotonin from the synapse back into the neuron.”

= nature.

Furthermore some other variants – narcissistic personality  – characteristics are grandiosity and lack of empathy.


And then Reactive Attachment Disorder – E g relate to others in inappropriate ways, sometimes grossly inappropriate ways: aggression, rage, lying, defiance, lack of remorse, cruelty; overfamiliarity, hyperactivity, self-endangerment…..

“The definition of this disorder requires some sort of disruption in early caregiving….


Will we ever have an answer?