It looks like a squirrel but soars through the air like a bird. Meet Australia’s cutest export – the incredible furry, flying sugar glider.

The adorable critter – called a sugar glider because of its love for the sweet substance – flies through the air, often flinging itself from tree to tree.

But despite its unique talent, it is in fact a marsupial, just like a kangaroo.

Sugar gliders are native to Australia, where Dan Rothenberger runs the AZ Sugar Glider Rescue Centre with wife Tamra.

The couple – in the U.S. for the First Annual Sugar Glider Event, in Arizona – care for stricken sugar gliders at their refuge and attempt to nurse them back to health, before finding them a new home.


Interesting photo I have picked up but unfortunately I do not know much of the details except some Swedish photographer left his knife on the ground and so it was taken ….Clever bird!

Or Is it the Revenge of the Birds?