Gen Patraeus had an affair (maybe more than one) with a younger woman who seems to have stalked him because of his fame and what he could do for HER ambitions.  The ‘other’ woman with few scruples.


What about his wife of 38 years? One has to keep in mind that without her support and sacrifices he would not have obtained all his achievements. But now she, Holly,  is being accused of also being culpable – letting herself go.

In other words not spending enough time in the beauty parlours, at the gym, at the plastic surgeon….and I quote from

But Holly, his spouse of 38 years must (apparently) concede that she, too, is to some degree culpable. Her misdemeanour could even be construed as greater than his crime. Namely: She Let Herself Go.

Cyberspace is awash with venomous harpies laying into her physical appearance. A writer for Vanity Fair commiserated that her upper arms weren’t toned, but suggested she could always “cheer herself up” with some bright fashion-forward nail varnish.

What a sick, sick  society without values.