When we were kids there was no Facebook We had real friends and yes even  real enemies.

You could see them and talk to them in person. We fought and made up and all was soon forgotten because it was probably just a storm in a teacup. Nobody committed suicide because other kids were spreading nasty rumors that reached the whole school and the neighbourhood with just a click of a button.   We were real kids too. Maybe in a way we learned to deal with real  ‘stuff’.

It did not linger out there in cyberspace to come back at you with vengeance. Because what you say on the internet will float around until the end of time, Google will see to that. (I once read that some will have to change their identity at a later stage because of all that was written by them on FB – when they mature they may  regret it).

But now I see (with some amusement) that you can ‘Not like’ on Facebook and make it known.  No wonder that hate and dislike and aggression take over with the use of social media ? I am just wondering out loudly!

I saw this  in the Daily Mail


EnemyGraph is a new app which lets you add Enemies to your Facebook profile – including real victims from your friends list, or from other users of the app.

You can also declare war on any product, person or company that has a presence on Facebook.

As soon as you have declared someone – or something – an Enemy, they appear on your profile on your Enemies list, visible to other users of the app.