The amazing brain


I Forgot to remember A Book by Su Meck.

In 1988 a ceiling  fan  fell onto Su’s head and she had total amnesia following the incident. Not only did she not know who she was, she did not recognize her family, her husband, her children, her sibling,s her parents.

Furthermore she was unable to form new memories for a very long time. Given a hairbrush she did not know what to do with it, she had a limited vocabulary and she had to learn almost everything from scratch.

To this day she cannot remember anything from her life prior to 1988 and after that in patches. Yet she recovered well enough to be able to write a book and relate her story.


What I found quite astonishing was the inability of the medical profession to grasp her condition, some even put it down to malingering. But we are no longer the raft on the ocean , we have actually come far. Not that we ever would know more than say 50% ? of the human brain – my estimate.

But had it happened today it would have been a different story.

One of the best free resources for learning about the brain on the internet is the Charlie Rose Brain Series available on streaming video through CharlieRose.com. For two years (2012)  Charlie had been sitting down with Nobel Prize-winning psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Eric Kandel as they have explored pioneering discoveries of neuroscience. In each episode Charlie and Dr. Kandel sit down with a roundtable of leading brain scientists and researchers to explore an aspect of neuroscience. If you are interested in neuroscience this is not something to be missed. I suggest you Google this if you are interested.




Are you worried about Friday the 13th?



Then you suffer from




Nobody is quite sure – for sure – where this superstition comes from, many theories!

A Norse myth about twelve gods who had a dinner at Valhalla—?

….or whatever reason, among many cultures, the number twelve emerged throughout history as a “complete” number! So 13 is not? Lots of these superstitions about 12 or rather 13 refer to Biblical times.

As for Friday the standard day for crucifixions in Rome… etc.

All of this is psychological mumbo jumbo!

So break a leg and look over your shoulder….

Maybe I am the crazy one?


Crazy people are not locked up, they walk the streets (of Hollywood too)!

Somebody sent me this clip and thought I may enjoy it. Well you have to define enjoy I suppose but my reply was that maybe she committed a crime and wants to claim insanity.
In the latest episode of ‘Gwyneth Paltrow states the absolute ridiculous’, the actress has claimed that saying negative things to water can hurt its feelings.


OK but I think I prefer Shirley Valentine talking to the wall.

I am thinking of getting this book:-

the truth

An Amazon Best Book of the Month, May 2014: A successful young author suffering from writer’s block journeys to New Hampshire to visit his former professor. Shortly after he arrives, the bones of a girl are found buried in the professor’s backyard. Now the professor has been arrested for the murder of the girl–who disappeared in 1975 at the age of fifteen–and the author has an idea: he will write a book based on the case that will ultimately exonerate his professor and jumpstart his writing. Already a massive best seller in Europe (and translated into 32 languages), The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair arrives in North America amid such wild praise you might expect something groundbreaking. Instead, what you get is a wonderful, fun, and boisterous read, a book with an uncanny ability to both fascinate and amuse you. Twists and turns and oddball characters make this a rollicking bullet-train of a novel. –Chris Schluep

Anybody read it?

The human Legacy


Every single piece of synthetic plastic that has ever been manufactured since 1950 is still in existence today, as each one takes thousands of years to break down. A recent study has indicated that plastic litter can become fused with rocks and other materials to form a new material: plastiglomerate. This material could very well become a permanent part of the geological record, forever marking humanity’s impact on the world. The results of the report were published in the journal of the Geological Society of America, GSA Today.
Read more at http://www.iflscience.com/environment/rocks-formed-plastic-found-beach#T7

Plastic Rocks


What humans do to the Earth !&%$@**


A while ago I put up a photo of a glass beach, all the glass that were dumped and eventually formed pebbles over the years.

Another interesting phenomenon – and this would be our legacy in the fossil record!

Big bullies



Are also the greatest  cowards!

It is part of the personality make-up

Think of Himmler, think of Hitler…. Long list here!


Easy way not to face the music?

Kill before you are killed.

If the Monster of Springs had more brain cells and more power, imagine!

But then most suicides are not cowardice.

It could also be a great act of courage!cleopatra