Are you prepared to wait hours maybe even days in line to get the latest gadget? Like the New iPad or iPhone or even the latest Harry Potter? Are you spending money you can ill afford? Does the thought of this must-have take over your thoughts completely? Are you maybe even addicted to these Nice-to-Have’s?
Maybe then you are suffering from neophilia! Yes, that’s right NEOPHILIA.

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Author Winifred Gallagher recently revived the concept of neophilia in her book “New: Understanding Our Need for Novelty and Change.” Although she focuses on neophilia in our contemporary age of high-tech gadgets and social media, the concept of being attracted to the new has a long history in psychology.
1.Exploratory excitability
High scorer: You are always ready to explore new situations and, in fact, find it highly rewarding to do so.
Low scorer: You prefer to stick to the tried and true even if it means you miss out on some opportunities.
2. Impulsiveness:
High scorer: You make decisions quickly without necessarily considering all the consequences.
Low scorer: Before making a decision, you reflect on the pros and cons.
3. Extravagance:
High scorer: You are ready to spend money in order to obtain the rewards you desire.
Low scorer: You are reserved and tend to hold out on spending money.
4. Disorderliness:
High scorer: You are spontaneous and don’t like to be hemmed in by rules and regulations.
Low scorer: You are regimented and tend to stick to a certain routine.