Jakesprinter’s Sunday – City


Does not say which century.



The Art in photography



I take snaps but I can appreciate good photography indeed. Just look at these!

They reveal that during a downpour, insects will do anything to get out of the way of giant (for them, anyway) raindrops – even occasionally using other insects as a makeshift umbrella.

Taken by Russian photographer, Vadim Trunov in the Voronezh region in the west of his country, they show a variety of insects dealing with a downpour.

The stunning closeup views also show the incredible beauty of raindrops on a leaf, captured next to an ant, and shoe butterflies sheltering while holding on to each other for safety.

Many of the images focus on snails, as part of a series Trunov calls ‘Planet of the snails’.

The images have already become a hit on the photo sharing site 500px, where they have been viewed over 240,000 times


Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple


Purple is where Puff the Magic Dragon and the (one and only )  Purple People Eater live!

But when you leave Story land and take off your psychedelic glasses, this is what it looks like in day time.



Nan Hau is a Buddhist Temple approximately 60 km out of Johannesburg. Beautiful and colorful and each color has a meaning.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement



Daily Post wants MOVEMENT.

If it is your turn to move and you do it,  that’s movement – right?

And that is how some move on a Sunday Afternoon in Aix-les-Bains

The Birds


No not the movie, real life!


He may not have captured his fish but Bruce Huntley certainly got an incredible photo to document his ‘terrifying’ run-in with nature.

Huntley was out fishing in his rubber dinghy on Washington’s picturesque Lake Padden when a bald eagle with a 6ft wingspan swooped down and snatched a fish straight off his line.

The bird of prey came just 10ft away from Huntley’s inflatable boat to pick up his lunc Huntley admitted to the Bellingham Herald that the experience of having such a powerful bird so close was ‘terrifying.’


Just to tell you I’m watching you!


Jake’s Challenge – Village




So by the way did you ever read ‘MY YEAR IN PROVENCE” by Peter Mayle?

This is Gordes, not too far from where he lived.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Create


There are so many artistic and creative bloggers here, I almost hate to ‘compete’!

We are in the middle of winter so I have te create my memory of what it looks like in my garden in summer.

But let me tell you Hasie (our rabbit ) is creative too. He has created holes in the gate to the tool shed, (even though the fence was put up in haste to keep him in if ever there were danger like dogs).

The Artist!

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