Blog Award and Possibility of changing appearances?

Blog Award – My First and Only! Thank You to Roly!

Listen to  the drums.

And I can only pass this on to All of those who comment on my blog because they make me feel so welcome here.
I could not possibly  give this award to only 6 or 7!
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you
(And now Parrot on my sidebar will perform for you.)

I am still learning this WP blog thingie, but with the slow internet speed it took my about an hour and a half to put up a blog last night. (In the mean time I had a bath, a chat with a friend, read a chapter form my book, wnet outside to get the dogs quiet… etc.)

What I need to know is what happens if I change my appearance regularly, will my widgets and stuff still work? I love to change my environment, cannot change the furniture around (I get serious complaints here) so I can change the appearance of my blog? Or can I?

And how the heck did I end up liking my own post? *shaking my head, rolling my eyes*